Alavuden Öljynpuristamo Oy:

Layout design of a truck loading system with silos and a screw conveyer system.

Arkkitehtitoimisto Pitkäranta Jouni Oy:

The mechanical design of feeding hatches including pneumatics, hydraulics and electric drive.

City of Alavus:

Structural design and manufacturing drawings for a pedestrian bridge.

Ferroplan Oy:

Structural design of industrial building including foundation and pile design.

Foster Wheeler Energia Oy:

Stress- and strength calculations for power plant boilers. Design of steel structures and Tekla-modelling.

Fotocomp Oy:

Mechanical design, conveyers, tilting container, design of servo and pneumatics drives.

Konepaja Apparatus Oy:

Structural design of skiing bridge.

Kuhmoisten Lämpö Oy:

Steel and concrete structural design and pile design for a heating power plant

Livite Oy:

The design of structural steel framework and manufacturing design.

Masa-Metalli Oy:

Tank design and structural design.

Mecamiehet Oy:

Structural steel design and manufacturing drawings of pylon. Structural design of buildings.

Normek Oy:

Shopping center outer facade, weight over 300 ton. Also other steel structures.

Plantool Oy:

Mechanical design.

Semko Oy:

Structural design of lifting tools and fastening elements. Concrete dispenser design.