Our employers have many years of experience from hundreds of demanding projects in the field of structural engineering. This experience, along with the accumulated know-how makes Sarmaplan Oy well equipped to take on very demanding engineering projects.
At Sarmaplan Oy we are specialized in the structural design of steel framed buildings, but we are also experienced in the structural design of buildings and constructions from other commonly used materials like wood and concrete.

In addition to the structural design, we can also supply the designs for the rest of the structures and details that you will need for your projects. By ordering the complete building design from us you ensure that you are getting flawless designs, where all the structural parts are fitted perfectly to each other and all the details are designed to perfection with overall cost efficiency in mind.

We design industrial, commercial and residential buildings, advertising towers, pedestrian bridges etc.

For the calculations of the steel framed structures we use SCIA Engineer, while we use Tekla Structures for the 3d-modelling and the creation and handling of drawings and reports.

Sarmaplan Oy has clearance for the design of complex steel structures for level A in Finland.


Sarmaplan Oy

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