SARMAPLAN – Cost efficiency through good design

Sarmaplan Oy is a solid engineering professional. Our main areas of expertise are Structural-, Plant- and Mechanical Design. In our customer base you will find satisfied customers from a multitude of different industrial branches.
The mission of Sarmaplan Oy is to be reliable and flexible partner for our customers. Our highly skilled and experienced team of 8 engineering professionals openly welcomes also the most demanding projects. To this date we have seen hundreds of projects through to a beneficial and satisfactory conclusion for our partners. Utilizing our 20 years of experience we will find the appropriate solutions for your project as well.

In our design process we always rely on current, up-to-date standards for each field of design and put great value on fulfilling our part of all agreements with our partners. Our offices are located in the Technology Centre Fasadi in Alavus, Finland.

Sarmaplan Oy

 +358 44 559 4687
Taitotie 1
63300 Alavus, Finland
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